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The  CIL is a user led organisation, which means it is run by the disabled for the disabled people of Gwynedd North Wales. We encourage independent living, help and advice, information, education, socialisation and sports.We provide courses that are accredited to help get work placements.

We have two minibuses to bring the disabled people to CIL. Our vehicles will never be big enough as we are only able to carry so many wheelchairs. Due to this we try to encourage people to make their own way by whichever transport is available to them and if needed we can collect these people from the bus or railway stations in Porthmadog

In our partnerships with Gwynedd Council over the last 13 years or so we have provided a variety of services to disabled people very efficiently, with far lower costs than the Council themselves, and we also include effective participation by disabled people themselves in policy making, management, and implementation.

We wish to increase our role if Gwynedd Council can gradually increase and speed up delegation and sub-contracting to us.

We're currently in the process of setting up a small retailing unit to provide reasonably priced new and used disability equipment. The disability equipment sector is well known for charging high prices for modest items of equipment, simply because the disability sector is still regarded as a specialist area with special sensitivities, and particular health and safety concerns etc. CIL is largely staffed by disabled people, so we are the ones most aware of these issues, and we feel we can provide the retail services well, from an informed position, with a reasonable profit margin. Current mainstream retailers do not re-sell used items, which means that when disabled people discard relatively new items, or when disabled people pass away, valuable disabled equipment is often sent to the nearest skip.  

We can also provide businesses with brailing. We have a brailing machine which we are very proud to have the use of. Any work we undertake you will be given a price before we begin.

The purpose of the CIL is - "to support and meet the needs of disabled adults in Gwynedd so that they can make independent and informed choices about their lives"

Our Activities:

- Training, Education and Sports

- Service and Information Facilities,

- Transport and Access

The CIL (Centre for Independent Living) was opened in Porthmadog, North Wales, with the help of the Gwynedd Social Services. The aim is to improve the lives of adults with physical or sensory disabilities, to help reduce dependency and isolation, be able to live safely and happily, participate in the community, and have access to all necessary information and services. So they can live as independently as they so wish.

By 1999 training and education activities started, with help from two local colleges. Since that time many disabled students have qualified in a variety of subjects including:

Basic Skills, Art, Music, IT & Sports

Some have found suitable work or started their own ventures as a result of training at the CIL. Others have moved onto more advanced education.

The CIL De Gwynedd is also involved in representing disabled people on various committees, work groups and local initiatives. This enables disabled people to network effectively and keep in touch with developments. It also enables us to understand the challenges and opportunities that face disabled people in Gwynedd.

We hope to help disabled people to develop their full potential through; opportunities, personalised training and vocational training.

Over the years we have strived to develop social enterprises, with a strong social element. It is our aim that eventually people with disabilities will live lives that are fulfilled, to be employed and play an important role in the Gwynedd Community.

The centre is open to the disabled people from 11am - 3pm Monday to Friday.

We welcome everyone who has a physical or sensory disability.

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